An inside look on X-Games winner Danny Davis

When I was younger I thought snowboarding was all about big tricks and winning competitions. But as I’ve gotten older and have had more experience riding- I’ve realized that that isn’t the case at all.  The true testament of my theory is the winner of the 2015 X-Games being Danny Davis. He is the epitome of a rider that stays true to what snowboarding was originally about- having style while having fun.

Danny Davis is from Michigan, but has been riding the slopes in California for a while now. His signature style is his ease of riding and original tricks that have been forgotten about ever since Shaun White started pulling tricks that are all technical with no style. He won the X-Games for the second year in a row this year and his winning run was less technical than Shaun Whites, but his style is what set him apart.

People adore Danny’s passion for snowboarding and his involvement with the snowboarding community. He created a music festival called “The Friendly Gathering” which is inspired by the love of snowboarding and music. He is also an ambassador of Protect our Winters (POW) where he fights against climate change.

Danny is one of my favorite riders and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for him. I admire his love for life and snowboarding and I’m sure many others do too. By following his instagram account, I get to see the trips he goes on to different countries and dream of one day being able to travel to them and do the same thing he does.



X Games Aspen 2015: Danny Davis

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